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MET Voice Services: Evolving the Way We Communicate

Changing technology is influencing the way we interact like never before. Online collaboration is the new norm, adding real-time data sharing to the power of voice communications. This new way of communicating relies on a flexible network services platform - one that converges voice and data to make people easier to reach and more productive.

MET provides a networking platform that paves a technology integration and evolution path. It has the flexibility to add new applications such as Web and video conferencing, and deliver value-added features such as call control and presence. You can also choose to acquire integrated network and application services through the MET Unified Communications portfolio.

Collaborate from virtually any location with enterprise voice

Today's flexible work environments mean employees aren't always in their offices. They can be working from home or on the road, and need to communicate from where they are. Voice services can help improve customer contact methods with options, such as single-number, single-reach, or integration with devices such as Smartphones and PCs. Services like Web conferencing make virtual teams more productive.

Flexible voice features to meet diverse needs

Businesses with multiple locations have their own set of challenges with voice services. They need a cohesive, consistent voice network that works across the country or the globe. They might even need to make a phone number appear to be local when it's actually calling a far away location. MET can help you tailor custom calling features, making sure you have consistency across the enterprise. MET voice services adjust to your evolving needs so you can focus on your growing business.

A complete portfolio of voice services

MET offers flexible options with the voice services portfolio, including: full, partial or self managed, and traditional or IP-based services. Merge your voice calling with collaboration solutions and presence behind a single interface with Unified Communications from MET.

Simplify Unified Communications with MET

MET can be your single-source provider for multi-vendor UC solutions. By combining our solutions with some of the world's leading communication and collaboration tools into a cohesive offering, MET can help you:

  • Ease access to multiple tools via a single, consistent user interface
  • Deliver capabilities to a range of wired and wireless devices
  • Preserve investments with a hybrid approach
  • Adopt new capabilities more quickly