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MET Encrypted Cloud Storage

Becoming the most popular and widely used segment was only possible for Cloud Storage because it procures a highly secure and safe environment. To safe guard user’s data integrity, encrypted cloud storage allows data to be contained in fortified environments.

With the help of encrypted cloud storage the data present inside the Cloud servers is changed into a form which if scrutinized by unauthorized personnel is unrecognizable and useless. Confused, lets break this down more simply.

How Does Encrypted Cloud Storage Work

Encrypted Cloud Storage turns information present inside the users Cloud infrastructure into CipherText.This is achieved with the help of Encryption algorithms that reside in your Cloud storage. Cipher text is basically the coded form of information which cannot be understood even in-case the tunneling provided to the data is penetrated. Although, penetration is majorly taken as a fallacy in Cloud storage but still Military grade encryption such as this, keeps your sensitive data secure at all costs.

Data is Encrypted When Transitioned

Cloud Encryption

Once the data escapes from the secure environment of the Cloud, there is quite much probability of it to be compromised. Hence, encryption is given great importance when a certain user submits or retrieves any information from the Cloud. Certain Cloud Storage providers make sure that during the transitioning phase the Data observes high-level encryption.

This process is immensely important when users are using public connectivity options in cafes, public Wifis or such. As by majority these places are believed to be the play ground for assailants that are always on the prowl to peek into user’s information.

While you are using your Cloud Storage solution from your mobile phone or PCs the transition phase- encrypted Cloud storage makes the underlying information un-decipherable for them.

Encrypted Cloud Storage and the Decoding Key

During encryption of the data, a certain decoding key is also made which allows administrators to decrypt and encrypt the data. The administrator is obviously the user who contains the proper authoritative control over its Cloud storage.

The Decoding or Decryption key is formulated just as the data is encrypted inside the Cloud server or for transitioning. The user either has to input the decryption key while accessing Cloud Storage, or it is Automatically given once the user access the account after passing proper Authorization protocols.