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Reduce risk, save money, improve performance

METs’ Encryption as a Service (EaaS) provides a fast and cost-effective option for companies looking to secure their data as it travels across wide area networks. This managed service protects data on the network without impacting the existing network performance or service level agreements and without requiring additional personnel or capital expenditures.

Keep vital information protected with our 256 Bit Encryption Services

With our Encryption as a Service, companies can eliminate the burden of installation, monitoring, and management functions while still realizing the full benefits of AES 256 bit encryption and per packet/frame authentication. The Encryption as a Service offering is powered by TrustNet, a web-based management platform that simplifies security management while preserving network performance and functionality. In fact, companies who switch from traditional IPSec VPNs can gain a 20%-40% throughput improvement when switching from IPsec tunnels.

With Encryption as a Service, network encryption policies and keys can be easily managed across large and small deployments located anywhere in the world. Customers gain all the benefits of the industry’s leading network security, while eliminating the costs associated with distribution, deployment, and ongoing upgrades and maintenance of corporate owned assets.

EncryptNet also allows customers to maintain secure control of their security policy definitions while outsourcing all other facets of the solution, making it ideal for customers who want to maintain policy control while still taking advantage of the managed service cost benefits.

For small and medium-sized businesses with limited budget and small IT staffs, MET’s Encryption as a Service provides enterprise-class security for a nominal monthly fee and minimal impact on IT personnel.

Features and Benefits

Encryption as a Service - Avoid capital expenses and start encrypting quickly. The EaaS includes encryption appliances, management software and support services on a monthly basis. Optional add-on services include:

  • Planning – Expert planning for fast and secure deployment
  • Basic Staging – Simplify installation with pre-configured encryption appliances and management software
  • On-site Staging, Installation and Repair – Hassle-free on-site appliance and management system deployment with continuing on-site repair
  • Policy and Configuration – Expert ongoing consulting services to define security policies for initial deployment, add new sites, and change existing sites
  • Worldwide Hardware Sparing and Replacement – Premium worldwide fast shipping of replacement hardware for global organizations
  • Hosted Service Management with Monitoring – Simple and powerful encryption service management from any location on any platform with 24x7 monitoring for peace of mind
  • Full-Service Management – Outsource configuration, management, 24x7 monitoring and reporting while retaining full control of the encryption keys and policies

EaaS and the add-on services described above can be combined to create a custom service. Our security experts will work with you to define a program that meets your security, compliance and budget requirements.

Protect your data while reducing costs and improving performance! Standards based data protection via encryption and per frame/packet authentication Flexible payment options Elimination of performance killing tunnels