The Challenge for Retailers

Whether your company is a large format specialty retailer with dozens of locations or a small format retailer with thousands of units all over the country, managing multiple retail locations efficiently is a challenge. Specialty retail and luxury retail formats also need constant monitoring for security and efficient operations to remain profitable. Whichever your format of retail, efficiency and profitability require proper management of inventory levels, employees, and store layouts. In addition, today's retail environment is characterized by tighter consumer budgets, rapidly expanding product selections, longer leaner supply chains, and tougher competition.

Innovative Solutions for Retailers

Managing longer and more complex supply chains requires better information for daily decision-making. Real-time indicators of inventory and staffing levels can be delivered accurately and efficiently to a smartphone that is always in the hands of a regional manager. In large format stores, managers can now walk the floor, seamlessly moving from Wi-Fi to cellular networks, while keeping all the necessary information at their fingertips. MET and our application partners have deployed countless solutions that are custom-fitted to the specific needs of different types of retail operations, particularly multi-unit operations. Wireless backup for POS and handheld dispatch applications for equipment maintenance teams can provide ROI to almost any type of retail format. If your company owns a distribution center or a fleet of trucks, MET can bring years of experience to the project and help you save on fuel and labor expenses. The right wireless solution can be designed to fit your specific operations and business strategy.

When it comes to interacting with your customers and providing a unique and compelling shopping experience, MET can help. Digital signage gives retailers the ability to deliver brand messages to consumers, right at the point of purchase, or the "moment of truth". With cellular technology, digital video signage can be deployed to places never before imagined with an ease that was not possible even a few years ago.

Consumers are increasingly surfing the Web while on the road and walking right into your stores with powerful handheld devices equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, cameras, text messaging, and email. MET, the largest wireless carrier in the U.S., can help you understand this new channel and develop strategies for your company.

Benefits to Retail Operations

Retail operations can vary widely in their focus and strategy, but whether you sell diamonds, iPods, or hamburgers, most retailers have the following objectives:

  • Attract more customers to the stores
  • Convince customers to purchase more on each visit through merchandise selection, shopping experience, or value promotions
  • Make sure the customer comes back by developing an ongoing dialogue with your most valuable customers

MET can help you provide a more compelling and memorable shopping experience by:

  • Enhancing the shopping experience with digital signage or cross-channel kiosks that interface with the Internet or catalogs
  • Helping managers have the right merchandise in stock and displayed correctly by providing accurate, up-to-the-minute inventory data
  • Creating richer, more personalized marketing programs that integrate all your customer touch points and channels including brick and mortar, Internet, call centers, and, increasingly, the mobile phone

As well as improve operational efficiency and green initiatives by:

  • Reducing overstock that ties up space and capital
  • Lowering the cost and raising the dependability of backup systems for POS
  • Better managing incoming shipments and returns, as well as adding labor and fuel efficiency to trucking operations
  • Delivering training to employees via handheld devices or digital signs
  • Using Video Share to conduct store audits and inspections of promotions, store layouts, and merchandise, resulting in less travel for key employees
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