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MET Machine-to-Machine Solutions

Increase efficiency with Machine-to-Machine Technology

When organizations use M2M technology, they are able to see the potential savings in labor, time, costs, and efficiency. Transmitting information wirelessly at its source from a vehicle, instrument, house or business and receiving valuable feedback not only automates manual processes, it helps to streamline service provisioning and billing. Expand the number of connected devices you have, and you can see endless possibilities.

  • Replace on-site meter readings with electronic transmissions from meters to your billing systems
  • Monitor electricity grids for capacity and outage conditions, to enable isolation and repair of disruptions
  • Speed service calls by route planning and tracking for pick-ups and delivery
  • Remotely monitor patient conditions after medical procedures, so they can recover in comfort at home
  • Provide visibility into remote assets, like construction equipment or pipelines

M2M with MET opens new opportunities

Capturing and acting upon reliable real-time data transforms information and services you can provide. Use M2M to change processes within your organization, or develop enhanced services to offer customers

Relying on years of experience developing innovations in fleet management, mobile workforce management, vehicle safety and package delivery tracking, MET can help you:

  • Identify and adapt M2M solutions to your business needs
  • Improve the performance of business processes
  • Introduce new services
  • Enhance profitability
  • Improve service quality
  • Strengthen customer relationships

Combine reach and M2M experience with MET

MET combines years of wireless experience with the reach of the MET global network to deliver:

  • Network connectivity, based on the global GSM standard for high-speed wireless delivery and global roaming into 190+ countries
  • Easier, more cost-effective management with integrated SIM provisioning, billing and reporting tools
  • Support to simplify global deployments
  • Access to experts in network connectivity, mobile applications and enterprise technical support