MET Industry Solutions

Transforming manufacturing business—wirelessly

Successful manufacturing companies are turning to MET for end-to-end wireless data solutions to accelerate their service delivery cycles, improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction, and better manage and control costs.

We currently work with a wide range of manufacturing organizations—from the world's largest companies to small and medium-size operations—to implement wireless data solutions that improve their production operations, sales and marketing, transportation and logistics, IT, and after-market service and support processes.

Find out today how MET's customized, industry-specific mobile applications can help streamline your business process so you can increase efficiency while reducing costs.

MET delivers a comprehensive suite of business solutions designed to meet the needs of diverse manufacturing organizations in the following segments:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Durable Goods
  • High-tech Manufacturing
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Petrochemicals

Solutions for Sales

  • Mobile Access to CRM

    Give sales teams the information they need to sell when they're on the road—contacts, leads, opportunities, orders, and inventory, by integrating mobile computers and devices with back-end CRM systems.

  • Unified Communications
  • Connect distributed sales, marketing, product development, and operations teams faster and more efficiently than ever before through audio, web, and video collaboration tools.

Solutions for Production Operations

  • Mobile Enterprise Asset Management and Maintenance

    Facilitate timely schedule and dispatch of technicians, incident resolution, and preventive maintenance.

  • Mobile Access to MRO/Inventory Management

    Keep production on track with real-time access to inventory of maintenance, repair, and operations supplies; reorder them automatically by triggering reorders from a wireless device or telemetry sensor.

  • Mobile Reporting and Dashboards

    Business Intelligence (BI) extended to the mobile device to provide up-to-the-minute key performance indicators on every facet of the business for better decision making.

  • Mobile Workforce Management

    Ensure projects are on the right track with timesheet data collection, job/work order management, payroll integration, and location tracking capabilities on MET-powered smartphones.

  • Mobile Shopfloor Applications

    Provide access to job, inventory, and scheduling information from ERP system, with predefined alerts for quality and delivery issues.

  • Mobile Facilities Management

    Improve operations with real-time video monitoring, remote sensor monitoring and alerting, and wireless dispatch and order management.

Solutions for After-Market Service and Support

  • Field Service Automation

    Schedule and dispatch workforce via mobile devices; enable technicians to receive and update work orders, parts, knowledge base, warranty, and billing information in the field.

  • Service Fleet Management

    Track and manage service vehicles and assets through automatic vehicle location and telemetry, utilizing GPS and mobile network.

Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

  • Mobile Workforce and Fleet Management
  • Provide a cost-effective way to ensure that fleets are being utilized efficiently by providing dispatchers with real-time location and shipment status information. By tracking vehicle speed and location, improve efficiency, reduce insurance risks, and improve safety./

  • Mobile Inventory/RFID Solutions
  • Increase supply chain visibility by deploying wireless devices with barcode scanning and RFID for material handling in distribution warehouses, high-value asset tracking, moving inventory, cycle counting, shipping and receiving, and direct store delivery programs.

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