Mobility Consulting: End-to-End Mobile Solutions

When it comes to delivering mobile solutions, the "consumerization of IT" is more than just a buzz phrase. If you're tasked with mobilizing applications for employees or delivering multi-channel access to customers, it's a harsh reality backed by increasing expectations for a seamless anytime, any device experience.

With so many people, processes and technologies involved in mobilizing an enterprise, you may not know where to begin or how to keep your organization headed in the right direction. MET mobility consulting solutions can set you on the right path in your mobilization journey.

Work with the mobility consulting experts

At MET, mobility is at the core of everything we do. With the nation's largest 4G network and an experienced staff of mobility experts, we have a deep understanding of wireless technologies, trends and solutions.

Our "any application to any device" approach to mobility can help you deliver the mobile application access your employees want, along with the multi-channel interactions your customers demand. We know how to make your network, mobile applications and mobile solutions work together to deliver the business results you need.

Start with a mobile strategy and roadmap

As part of our Mobility Roadmap and Strategy Service, MET consultants can help you define a mobility vision and action plan to get you started and guide your mobilization initiatives. To lead you towards success, we can help you choose mobility solutions that:

  • Align closely with your overall corporate goals
  • Work with existing technologies and systems to protect investments and reduce disruption
  • Leverage diverse architectures (Web and app development environments)
  • Support various mobile device platforms and native device features
  • Scale to support future growth
  • Can adapt to future changes in technology

Move forward with full-service mobility consulting

While our Mobility Roadmap and Strategy service can be an ideal starting point, we offer a full range of mobile solutions and services to move your initiatives forward. With a single vendor as your mobility provider, you can avoid the finger pointing and conflicts that can occur between multiple vendors, and you can free in-house staff to focus on other mission-critical projects.

Our services and solutions include:

  • Mobile application solutions
  • Mobile device solutions
  • Mobile network solutions
  • Mobile device management
  • Machine-to-machine solutions

Mobilize your enterprise now

MET mobility consulting will help mobilize your enterprise through mobile strategy and roadmap development to application and device implementation. Start your journey with MET today.

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