MET Healthcare Solutions

Health IT Platform for Healthcare Organizations and Hospitals

MET Healthcare Community Online is a cloud-based care collaboration and health information exchange (HIE) platform offering toolsets designed for physicians, providers, payers and patients. The solution integrates patient records and data from multiple sources into a single patient view, providing virtually real-time access to patient information and eHealth applications. MET Healthcare Community Online is a highly secure solution that enables providers to access critical care information at the point of care and fosters greater provider-to-provider collaboration.

At MET, we understand that in health information technology, one size never fits all. Thus, MET Healthcare Community Online features a modular approach to fit the specific needs of the customer. It is available in four incremental and complementary modules:

  • eConnect
  • Clinical Message Exchange
  • Portal and Clinical Applications
  • Collaborative Care and HIE

Providers can select the level of functionality they need now, and add additional features as the organization’s information exchange needs grow. With the solution, providers are positioned to comply with federal regulations and meet new standards, such as pay for performance, accountable care organizations, meaningful use*, patient centered medical homes and more.

Managing Patient-Provider Connections

MET Healthcare Community Online Care Management helps establish a powerful, collaborative connection between patients and their healthcare providers through integrated, highly-secure, and easy-to-use toolsets. Key functionality includes patient access to personal health records, highly-secure messaging through which designated care team members can communicate with patients and among themselves, and interactive health programs and services to help improve patient outcomes.

Health IT Portal for Physicians

Physician practices now have access to customizable, cost-effective cloud-based health IT solutions for information access and exchange. Thanks to a collaboration with the American Medical Association, the MET Healthcare Community Online Physician Portal lets physicians choose from a comprehensive portfolio of web-based health IT tools.

This convenient, single sign-on portal gives practices the ability to migrate existing systems and workflows at their own pace, on the path to achieving Meaningful Use, reducing health IT costs, and adapting to new regulations.

Bending the Cost Curve on Health Benefits

The cost of healthcare is rising at an alarming rate. Employers are searching for actionable ways to save money on health benefit plans without sacrificing the quality of coverage or shifting more cost to their employees. This is a challenge experienced by many benefit executives today. MET is here to help.

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