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MET's Approach to Mobile Security

With employees using mobile devices to access emails, browse websites, connect to corporate resources and perform online transactions, enterprises are more mobile than ever. Hackers are also turning their attention to wireless platforms to exploit their popularity and any potential vulnerability.

As more users access your network and extend business processes to the mobile perimeter, protecting your organization's assets is critical. When you consider the damage viruses, malicious applications, botnets and other security threats can cause it's clear that protecting the network, as well as the device is imperative.

Enforce consistent, multi-level mobile security

MET Mobile Security service integrates device-level security features with network-based security controls and encrypted transport for a comprehensive, holistic approach to enterprise mobile security. And, it's available even if you aren't an MET wireless customer.

MET Mobile Security helps you:

  • Extend, protect and synchronize security controls and policies across mobile environments to ease compliance
  • Protect your network and mobile devices with anti-malware, anti-spyware, and botnet mitigation
  • Restrict mobile access to unauthorized sites

Simplify with carrier-based mobile security

MET Mobile Security service can reduce capital expenditures and stress on your internal staff. Deployment is easy. Once users download and activate the MET Mobile Security application, the device and your network are covered.

Extend mobile security into the network

To help safeguard data as it travels the Internet, MET Mobile Security service:

  • Provides SSL mobile device termination to the MET network security infrastructure
  • Routes mobile device traffic to the MET public or private cloud in a highly secure manner
  • Detects and blocks access to known botnet and malware locations
  • Filters SMS, MMS and email message content
  • Offers optional access to the MET Secure Network Gateway platform for network-based firewall, URL filtering and intrusion detection