Enhance Communications with Hosted VoIP

People don't always do business in an office. They can be working from home, in a satellite office or on the road. But your business depends on being able to reach them anywhere.

Hosted VoIP, or MET Voice DNA®, is a network-based voice solution that helps make your employees easier to reach. It delivers enhanced communication tools and unlimited calling over the industry-leading MET Global IP Network, helping to potentially increase business productivity and ROI while simplifying operations.

End phone tag with "find me/follow me"

Your employees are more accessible with hosted VoIP's "find me/follow me" capability; one number can reach an employee wherever they are located: in the office, at a customer site or working from home.

A hosted VoIP call from MET can be answered with a smartphone, landline, PC or a Mac-based soft phone. It also allows users to participate in an IP conference or access voice mail from the Web.

Simplify management and administration with Hosted VoIP

Focus on managing your business, not your voice system. Hosted VoIP's Web-based administration makes it easy to add sites, users and features without needing a dedicated staff.

MET manages the infrastructure so you don't have to worry about system maintenance and upgrades.

Hosted VoIP and your bottom line

Perhaps you're investing in your business, and would rather not make capital investments in a PBX or key system. Hosted VoIP lets you avoid these expenses; you only need to purchase the phones.

Your ongoing investment can be less, too. With just one carrier for voice and data, there's no need to manage separate networks requiring separate skills and staff. Future changes to the system are economical because the easy-to-use administrative interface lets end users handle many of their own changes. Once logged in they can check call logs, listen to voice mail messages and manage call settings.

Scale with Hosted VoIP

When it's time to grow your business, the hosted business VoIP solution from MET scales with you. MET Voice DNA® provides a platform for future applications such as unified communications.

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