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MET, INC is a Mobile Solutions & Encryption Company who focus on four core things within the Mobility space which are Mobile Solutions, Mobile Encryption, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Encrypt-Cloud with Storage. One, MET provides Mobile Encryption on mobile devices. MET, Inc helps companies mitigate risk around their most valued assets through mobile innovation and encryption of their Intellectual Properties (IP) on mobile devices. MET helps mitigate cases of loss, theft and compromising of IP on mobile devices such as customer data, digital assets, financial data, employee and medical records. Two, MET helps companies migrate software, employees, corporate networks & servers, and technology platforms to Cloud-Based-Solution. Such as Office 365 or work-force application such as Google Apps, Siebel or Sales-force delivered on-demand with disaster recovery. Three, MET helps businesses mange their mobile devices effectively and securely through our Mobile Device Management solution. Finally, MET helps enterprise and healthcare companies digitize, access, and store data in encrypted clouds, tunnels and SANs with our Mobile Encrypt-Cloud with Storage solution. These mobile solutions creates both short and long term value for organizations by reducing cost, improving efficiencies, scale, business continuity, mobilization, Collaboration, and IT Device management.

Mobile Encrypted Technologies, Inc. (MET, Inc.) was formed in the summer of 2010 in the State of Georgia.

MET, Inc. Vision

To help companies increase revenue and profit value through mobile technology, innovation, and enabling their human assets through mobile solutions.

MET, Inc. Mission

To continue to Innovate, Encrypt and provide "must-have" services and solutions over secure and encrypted mobile enabled devices, clouds and tunnels over IP, GSM & LTE.

MET, Inc. B-Strategy

MET, INC B-Strategy is to help companies grow their bottom lines through mobile innovation and encryption.