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Distribution Management

Content Delivery

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Content Management

MET provide functionality needed to ingest, store, manage, retrieve, and publish video content.

Customer hosted or MET hosted and managed applications to enable enterprises to effortlessly provide video application delivery in a cost-effective and IT friendly format.

Enterprise Video Solutions include:

  • Corporate communications
  • Field and compliance training
  • Executive meetings & presentations
  • Market updates & breaking news
  • Product launches & announcements
  • Deliver once and view repeatedly (live webcast, video on-demand)

Distribution Management

MET Private Content Distribution Service: Delivering Improved Corporate Communications

CDN for Private Networks

  • Minimizes network resources used to distribute rich media
  • Improves user experience
  • MET managed and built

Key Applications

  • Corporate webcasts
  • Training
  • Large file distribution

WANs are Not Designed to Support Streaming Media


Key Challenges of Streaming Media

  • The WAN bandwidth at most sites will not support large scale streaming
  • The congestion created by streaming reduces access to other important
    internal systems
  • Increasing WAN bandwidth to support video is expensive
  • WAN bandwidth limitations lead to poor user experiences, cutting the effectiveness
    of rich media applications

MET Digital Signage Solutions

MET Digital Signage enables businesses to distribute their own customized video & other multimedia content to multiple locations.

Digital Signage also allows:

  • End-to-end Managed Service
  • Wide Range of IP-enabled Transport Options
  • Flexible with Any Screen connected to Standard PC
  • A Wide Range of Media Formats
  • Mix and Manage Live or Streamed Content from Multiple Sources
  • Highly Scalable up to 250,000 screens

Content Delivery

Intelligent Content Distribution Service (ICDS) expands caching & streaming services for improved performance and a global reach.

Caching Services Include:

  • Web Acceleration - Acceleration of web pages & web page objects
  • File Downloading - Decreased downloading times for large user-downloadable objects

Streaming Services Include:

  • On-Demand Streaming - Audio & video content
  • Live Web Streaming - One-time or recurring events as well as continuous broadcasts, Customer self provisioning of webcasts via MET BusinessDirect®

Storage Services Include:

  • Network Origin Server- Large File Download & Video-on-Demand customers may use in-network ICDS origin server to store and serve files