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MET Cloud Storage on Demand

While information can be your greatest asset, it can also be your greatest challenge as you struggle to keep up with explosive data growth. More data means more storage and more pressure to jam another rack into the data center.

This leads to a costly procurement cycle with setup costs and implementation delays every time you need more online storage. Cloud storage from MET allows you to expand storage capacity on the spot, and later, shrink storage consumption if needed.

MET Synaptic Storage as a ServiceSM provides cloud-based virtual data storage with on-demand scalability, pay-as-you go pricing and the enterprise-class security of the MET network.

Provision simply with cloud storage

Cloud storage provides a ready-made virtual data storage solution. Getting started is easy. You provision once, then add or remove data and your capacity adjusts automatically. MET Synaptic Storage as a Service can provide:

  • Relief from procurement hassles and delays
  • Easy online sign-up
  • Access to the service within minutes
  • Connect-and-go provisioning via a web portal

Reduce data storage expenses

MET Synaptic Storage as a Service provides consumption-based pricing with no upfront charges, term commitments or termination fees. You pay via credit card or invoice on a per-hour, per-use basis charged monthly or when you disconnect. Cloud storage can help you:

  • Reduce upfront capital expenses
  • Meet demands without expensive over-provisioning
  • Provide backup storage more cost-effectively
  • Align data storage costs with business activity

Scale dynamically with cloud storage

With MET Synaptic Storage as a Service, you can adapt data storage resources to the ebb and flow of business. Whether caused by predictable seasonal spikes or unexpected surges in data volumes, "elastic" storage on demand can help you:

  • Expand data storage capacity on the spot
  • Shrink data storage capacity when you need to
  • Monitor consumption via a web-based portal
  • Manage data assets in the cloud with self-service tools
  • Provide cloud backup to supplement existing data storage

Flexible access with online data storage

Cloud storage from MET extends your existing storage environments into the MET cloud via a public or private network connection. Whether your primary infrastructure resides in your data center, with MET or with a third party, we can help you meet the need for anywhere, anytime access via an easy-to-use application program interface (API). If you prefer not writing directly to the API, you can use a third party to enable direct connections to MET Synaptic Storage.