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MET Mobile Device Management

Today, employee-owned devices are being introduced in the mobile workplace, and your IT staff may have little knowledge about these personal devices that access and store your sensitive data.

Improve mobile visibility

Managing all mobile devices within an organization is a tedious task. MET MDM solutions provide you with visibility into each device accessing your corporate applications and content. With our vast view of mobile carriers, you can:

  • Understand the make up of your mobile device portfolio
  • See the OS, mobile apps and versions residing on each device
  • Identify users and their job functions
  • Create a strategic plan for managing and securing corporate- and employee-owned devices now and in the future

Mobile solutions across the board

MET Mobile Device Management solutions provide the tools to help you:

  • Automate device lifecycle management to help reduce TCO
  • Quickly push apps and OS updates out to large user populations
  • Monitor the real-time status of individual devices
  • Utilize analytics such as device diagnostics reports to speed troubleshooting

Ease policy management with MDM

As part of our comprehensive approach to mobile security, which includes device-level and network-based security controls, MET Mobile Device Management solutions enable you to:

  • Centralize password and encryption management
  • Set device policies per job function and user group
  • Remove unauthorized apps remotely
  • Locate, wipe and lock lost or stolen devices remotely

Run billing reports to analyze spending

MET Mobile Device Management solutions provide powerful reporting and analytic tools for greater visibility into telecom usage and costs, so you can:

  • View reports prior to billing dates to take actions that could potentially reduce expenses
  • Know when critical thresholds for minutes, data and roaming are about to be reached
  • Spot trends to redefine policies and plans and align telecom services with user needs