Need IT help for your business but don't have an IT department?

Tech Support 360 has your answer: With this cost-effective solution you'll receive a bundle of technician minutes each month to share across all the computers in your company.

Our U.S.-based technicians are available 24/7 to help with:

  • Spyware and virus removal
  • Software installation and training
  • Network and security setup
  • Help with error messages and IT-related questions
  • Support for your peripherals (tethered smartphones, printers, digital cameras, etc.)
  • Optimizing your PCs – and much more!

Subscription options:

These guidelines can help you decide how many support minutes you might need each month. You could end up needing more or less time – so we give you options.

Minutes Per Month Storage Appx. # Computers Used
200-minute subscription 20 GB storage 15-18 computers
450-minute subscription 45 GB storage 18-30 computers
750-minute subscription 75 GB storage 30+ computers

More information:

Send us your name, company name, phone number, plus business address and email. Or call us to talk about your tech support needs. We're happy to answer questions and go over everything we can do for you.

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