Managed Internet Service: Dedicated Access that Keeps You Connected

Today's enterprises depend on the Internet to conduct business. To be effective, Internet access must provide the bandwidth and reliability your applications need. Managed Internet services can be an excellent access choice when you need dedicated access to the Internet or a VPN.

Managed Internet services offer high-speed online access that can help keep you connected to with applications, data, customers and employees. With a variety of access speeds and management options, managed Internet services can provide the scalability and performance needed to support your business applications and transactions.

Reliable, high-bandwidth service

MET Managed Internet Service offers:

  • Access to the Internet or a VPN
  • A dedicated port into the MET OC48/192 Common Backbone, which has no single core backbone point of failure
  • Service level agreements with 100 percent service reliability and 99.95 percent data delivery
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and technical support
  • MET or customer provided equipment
  • Synchronous high-bandwidth data transfer speeds
  • Guaranteed provisioning

All MET Managed Internet services for enterprises are IPv6-ready, so we can support your Internet access whether you've already migrated or are planning your move.

Flexible options to customize your solution

Managed Internet services can be combined with other MET solutions to create an integrated network solution tailored to your business needs. Features that can be bundled with Managed Internet services include:

  • Firewall options to help block viruses and other intruders
  • Enhanced security services to identify and respond to threats including spam, malware and phishing scams
  • Voice services, including voice over IP
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