MET DSL for business: Cost-Effective High-Speed Communication

To stay in business, you have to stay in touch - with colleagues, staff, partners and customers. But staying connected can be challenging - and in some cases, expensive.

Digital subscriber line service, or DSL, can provide high-speed, cost-effective Internet access that can help meet your business communications needs. Business DSL provides bandwidth to effectively:

  • Communicate electronically with staff and business associates
  • Access the Internet
  • Stream audio and video
  • Connect to your intranet
  • Transfer large amounts of data
  • Provide access to remote workers

Flexible options for growth with MET business DSL

DSL works with other applications to help enable other services your business may need, including virtual private network tunneling service, IP VPN remote access, teleconferencing, voice over IP and more.

Business DSL from MET offers:

  • High-bandwidth Internet access at speeds significantly faster than dial-up access, but at a fraction of the cost of T1-based access
  • Multiple options for speeds and configurations so you can select the DSL service best fits your business needs
  • Nationwide reach over the MET IP backbone
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