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Data Protection Services: Secure Your Vital Information

When mission-critical data is lost, stolen or corrupted, it can put more than productivity at risk. It can put your brand, reputation and intellectual property at risk while raising compliance issues around data protection and privacy.

But increasing data volumes, decreasing staff levels and limited budgets make managing those risks a challenge - especially considering the cost and complexity of maintaining availability across multiple devices and distributed data centers. It's time to rethink your business protection and disaster recovery strategies with hosted data storage services from MET.

Protect Your Data Online

Don't let data loss and data recovery keep you up at night. Instead, take a proactive approach to data integrity and data protection and use MET online data backup solutions and managed storage replication services to help you:

  • Safeguard company-wide data
  • Meet data recovery time and recovery point objectives
  • Backup data from corporate data centers and global branch offices to the mobile perimeter
  • Increase protection across PCs, servers, storage and network resources
  • Take advantage of enterprise-level security, reliability and scalability of MET global Internet Data Centers

Reduce cost & complexity with online data backup

Bandwidth costs and capital outlays for backup facilities can be expensive. Backup can also be time-consuming, requiring specialized skills and daily upkeep - especially if you have multiple data centers with a mix of equipment, bandwidth and protocols.

MET online data backup and protection services can help:

  • Automate backup and data replication to decrease staff demands and labor costs
  • Reduce risks by replacing manual tasks with more reliable, consistent online data protection

Since we manage one of the world's largest IP networks, MET knows how to help:

  • Optimize network resources to maximize bandwidth efficiency
  • Minimize costs with high-bandwidth, low-latency connections