MET eCommerce Solutions

Improve the Online Shopping Experience with eCommerce Applications

To compete online today, you need to create a positive web experience that establishes loyalty and encourages repeat business. Yet, without proper management, that experience could be full of performance and availability problems that lead to long wait times, lost sales and frustrated partners and customers.

MET eCommerce application management services can help you maintain optimal application uptime – so you can improve the online experience and maintain or grow eCommerce revenue and cost savings opportunities for customers.

Depend on eCommerce hosting & management expertise

Downtime isn’t an option when performance and availability are so tightly coupled with online sales. But the eCommerce applications driving your website are increasingly more complex and time-consuming to manage. Our skilled and certified eCommerce application management professionals can help:

  • Configure eCommerce applications to your specific needs
  • Implement, host and manage applications in our data centers or yours
  • Monitor application performance 24x7 to help maximize uptime
  • Respond quickly to manage changes that impact revenue
  • Provide round-the-clock support for fast problem resolution
  • Free your staff to focus on growing business, not managing applications

Tune eCommerce application performance

Application upkeep is critical to performance, but the constant care and feeding required to maintain eCommerce applications can drain in-house resources. MET eCommerce application management services can help you:

  • Keep applications finely tuned for higher performance and availability
  • Improve eCommerce Applications performance via MET Content Acceleration service
  • Reduce costly downtime
  • Decrease customer frustration and abandonment rates
  • Maximize return on software investments

Our eCommerce hosting customers can also benefit from MET scalable Synaptic infrastructure.

Expand eCommerce capabilities

As eCommerce applications become more capable they become more valuable. They also become more complicated to implement and manage. Whether you need to upgrade eCommerce applications or adopt new software, we can help you do so more easily and quickly:

  • Keep the online experience fresh and compelling
  • Adopt new personalization features for more meaningful customer interactions
  • Target content delivery to specific customers
  • Enable cross-channel commerce with suppliers and vendors
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