Virtual Desktop Service: Your Desktop, in the Cloud

When you think about the many devices your employees use and the sensitive data they hold, there is certainly cause for concern. Especially considering how easily laptops, tablets and smartphones can be lost or stolen and how challenging it is for your IT staff to arm each device with the latest security patches and updates.

With MET Virtual Desktop Service, the traditional device-based desktop environment moves to the MET cloud – creating a virtual desktop experience to increase protection and productivity and decrease staff stress.

Virtual desktop access, delivered as-a-Service

Rather than storing programs, applications and data locally on a PC hard drive, MET Virtual Desktop Service runs on a remote centralized platform within a state-of-the art MET Internet Data Center.

As employees work locally, the programs and files they use are actually being processed and delivered from this remote cloud-based platform – which you can access as a Service for a fixed per-desktop, per-month price.

Simplify with a consistent hosted desktop user experience

MET Virtual Desktop Services are accessible via multiple endpoints – including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs – and a variety of operating systems (OSs) and platforms. Employees simply download a client application and use a common interface across devices for a consistent experience.

A hosted desktop looks and behaves like a regular desktop PC. Data and applications can be streamed at speeds of up to 10GB over the MET network, making performance as fast as a traditional environment.

Reduce management complexity with virtual desktops

Now you can free your IT staff from labor-intensive desktop management. Without the need to physically manage each individual device, they can:

  • Deploy software images and apps to client devices through an established network connection
  • Apply patches, fixes and updates quickly and seamlessly
  • Ease setup of new endpoint devices
  • Simplify management across fixed and mobile desktops

Bring security to hosted desktops

MET Virtual Desktop Services leverage the enterprise-class security of the MET network cloud. To fortify protection, workers can connect via either a site-to-site VPN or an MET MPLS network. Two-factor authentication adds another security layer. Working together, these features help you:

  • Guard against unauthorized access to the enterprise desktop environment
  • Standardize desktop security across devices
  • Centralize OS patching and anti-virus protection
  • Ease regulatory compliance
  • Mitigate risks of data loss and theft
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