Data Housing
Data Storage

Need a place to house more data? MET's data
center will store all of your business needs within our
secure facility.

Is your network's performance an issue?

With MET's network, it's easier and faster to deliver IT data
center services to move into new markets.

Data Protection
Data Housing Security

MET provides data storage and backup
services that allow our customers to keep all vital
information secure.

Choose MET
Why choose MET?

Unlike other mobile service providers, MET
allows consumers to manage their own equipment
in our data centers with colocation hosting

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Flexible Enterprise Hosting Services from MET

When it comes to delivering data center services today, IT budgets are dropping - yet the demand for services continues to rise. You need to help your organization reach new markets and launch new products, applications or services. But internal staff and infrastructures are already stretched to the limit.

A range of enterprise hosting solutions from MET can provide more options for meeting the demand for data center services and moving your organization forward.

Decrease capital investments with enterprise hosting

Now isn't the time to seek funding for new servers or expanding data centers into new regions. It's the time for seeking more cost-efficient ways to deliver IT services. When you choose MET as your enterprise hosting service provider, you can:

  • Take advantage of our infrastructure, network and staff investments
  • Choose flexible service offerings and fee structures
  • Align hosting services with your business and budget

Hosting services free staff for strategic activities

Day-to-day infrastructure maintenance can keep you from activities that can really make a difference - like rolling out a new eCommerce solution to build revenue. The MET staff applies proven best practices in data center management to take over the daily, on-going tasks that divert your attention from what's important. An online portal provides visibility and control into your hosted solution.

Extend performance, availability and reach with hosting services

With 38 enterprise-class data centers worldwide, integrated with the global MET network, it's easier and faster to deliver IT data center services to move into new markets, bring new regions online or support new business opportunities. Count on MET for a high level of performance and security - backed by reliable network services, service level agreements and an infrastructure designed to provide business continuity.

Choose your MET hosting services

A range of MET hosting solutions help you select the right service for the right business results:

  • MET takes full control of hosting and managing your mission-critical infrastructure with managed hosting
  • You manage your own equipment in our data centers with colocation hosting
  • For flexible capacity, utility computing lets you access virtualized resources within our data center
  • For dynamic scalability and easy provisioning, we offer cloud services
  • Small and midsize businesses can choose our web hosting services

Protect your data

Choose our proactive data storage or backup services as part of your data protection plan or to replicate information assets.Utilize MET's cloud based backup services or our in-house backup utilities to store all valuable information.