The Cloud
Cloud Storage

With MET, you can receive premium access
to our cloud services which include: cloud
storage, cloud computing, and cloud networking

Cloud Computing
Cloud Services

With MET's pay-for-use cloud computing services,
where you can buy IT services without procuring
equipment to better align operating costs with
variations in the business cycle.

Cloud Networking
Networking Services

Let MET provide a direct connection between an
existing MET Virtual Private Network and specific
cloud resources.

Allow MET to advance your existing system.

MET's Cloud Deployment techniques allow an
organization to choose the type of cloud computing
services they desire.

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Cloud Services: Expand on Demand

It's hard to respond quickly to business needs when they keep changing. Whether caused by predictable, seasonal spikes or unexpected surges of activity, business is dynamic – so your infrastructure must be, too. But how do you deal with fluctuating demands quickly and cost effectively when you have to fund and build out your own extra capacity?

What are cloud services?

With cloud services, you buy access to cloud computing, cloud storage and other resources on demand over the network. You procure IT services, not assets, and MET delivers services when and where you need them. You pay only for what you use.If you need a flexible, cost-effective alternative for delivering IT services – in a way that complements existing systems, staffs and processes – cloud services can be an ideal solution.

Cloud services align consumption with cost

Cloud services move capital equipment assets off the balance sheet, turning them into a monthly expense item. Unlike a capital cost, it’s not a perpetual commitment – you can turn the service off or on as needed. Cloud services relieve the stress of paying for assets while betting on business growth to offset costs. They take the guesswork out of capacity planning to avoid expensive over provisioning and risky under provisioning. With pay-as-you-go MET cloud services, IT expenses align with business activity.

Enterprise cloud: Deploy quickly, scale dynamically

Procurement and deployment takes time and ties up internal staffs. With self-service provisioning, you sign up online and tap into virtual MET infrastructures within minutes. You provision once and dynamically scale up or down. You can launch new services, applications and projects rapidly and expand access, capacity and performance on demand, while you view and monitor consumption via a web-based portal.

Why MET for enterprise cloud?

Cloud services are network based, so it makes sense to choose a provider who owns one of the world's most robust networks: Therefore MET has Partner with MET. SLAs commits up to 99.99 percent availability and the enterprise-class security of MET Internet Data Centers, we can provide the performance and bandwidth needed for your most demanding cloud-based solutions. You can also add another layer of security for data in transit, mobileor on various devices – using an MET Encrypt, tool sets and staff to access trusted, virtual resources in the MET cloud.