Get Your Message Out with Digital Signage

Competition for consumers’ attention is fierce: It is becoming harder to reach audiences through traditional advertising. MET Digital Signage solutions deliver targeted, consistent, high-impact video messaging whenever you want it, virtually anywhere in the world.

Use MET Digital Signage to help:

  • Deliver targeted advertising
  • Drive cross-sell and upsell at the right time
  • Provide information at a glance
  • Promote featured products and services
  • Train staff efficiently across a distributed enterprise
  • Help ensure consistency of messaging in multiple languages and geographies
  • Control costs via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model

Reach out to targeted consumers

Fully managed MET Digital Signage solutions help to reach customers more effectively by distributing engaging video content that can be customized to match buying cycles. It’s a high-impact delivery platform integrated into the way people shop, learn or work. Displays can deliver messaging that is customized by geography, time of day, specific location and more in real-time.

Turn wait time into opportunity

Entertain and inform consumers while they wait in line as an effective strategy to drive sales growth. Sending your message via MET Digital Signage reduces perceived wait time and enhances upsell/cross-sell opportunities, turning a potentially negative experience into a positive one through eye-catching visuals that can drive revenue and reinforce brand image.

Reduce capital expenses and staff demands

MET Digital Signage solutions take advantage of a SaaS delivery model through which you lease the applications and infrastructure that drive your content delivery. MET monitors, manages and provides technical support for the complete solution for a cost-effective monthly subscription fee.

Gain consistency and control

With MET Digital Signage solutions, you’re in complete control of your messaging—without the high capital costs and staff requirements of a self-installed and managed system. MET Digital Signage solutions include:

  • Access to centralized content servers in an MET Internet Data Center
  • Delivery of customizable content to set-top boxes onsite
  • Commercial-grade displays and media players
  • Multiple transport options (DSL, DS1/T1, 3G Cellular, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, VSAT)
  • Faster time to market compared to self-managed systems
  • Detailed reporting options to support advertising models and more


Can your organization benefit from MET Digital Signage solutions? Consider these questions:

Is your traditional advertising as effective as it used to be?

Broadband access and social media have changed the game, often leaving traditional advertising behind. Digital signage gives you the means to entice consumers externally and educate staff internally, spurring revenue growth, increasing the impact of training and reinforcing brand image.

Are you committed to improving the customer experience?

By reducing perceived wait times and delivering information via multimedia digital signage can deliver a positive, engaging experience to customers—setting the stage for increased sales.

Are you ready to take on the high capital expense outlay required to build your own solution?

MET Digital Signage is a SaaS service, minimizing the requirement for you to incur potentially significant expense as well as taking on the hassle of assessing, purchasing, deploying and then managing your own equipment.

Are you expanding into new regions? Do you have a global scope of operations?

Even when geographies change, your brand messaging should remain consistent. With multi-language support, MET Digital Signage helps to ensure that your organization is represented in a clear, consistent, and location-sensitive manner.

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